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Aibiki - Shamisen score viewer

Play shamisen with auto scrolling score!


Aibiki is a set of tools for the Shamisen, like a score viewer, or tuner, and so on.
The app also has a Shamisen simulator, and you can make Shamisen sound even without real Shamisen!


Aibiki has these funtion for learning & playing the Shamisen:

Display tuning

with tuner

Display tunings for every scores. If you tap this area, it works as a tuner.

Score displaying

With auto scroll

Displayed score is scrollable manually with hands, and autoatically. Auto-scrolling speed is adjustable(x0.3 - x2.0 of songs' default speed).

Multiple parts

Display & sound separatery

Aibiki can comprehend multiple parts in one score. Pick one part to display, and select multi-part and sound them simultaneously!

help for beginners

instruction with images

Aibiki provides help for playing the Shamisen.

the "Shamilator"

Shamisen + simulator = "Shamilator"

Aibiki makes sound, tapping the Shamisen image on the screen. You can practice the Shamisen even without instruments.

Editing score


Now on the Google Play Store(FREE!)